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Name: Marsha Brofka-Berends
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11 April 2007

My VisualDNA

I found this via the Peaceable Imperatrix and decided to give it a try. There are some limitations with this "quiz" (as with all of these online quizzes and personality-test thingies). For example, the "gross" category was limited mostly to bodily functions and obesity. And on most pages I either didn't find an exact match to what I had in mind or wanted to choose more than one option. Still, it was a lot of fun to do this! (If you try it yourself, let me know what results you get!) Notice the chocolate references here? And the mountains? Although I now live not terribly far from some parts of the Appalachians, they aren't as accessible as I'd like. When I lived in southwestern Oregon, I was only half an hour away from a trailhead in the Coast Range. Ah...