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24 May 2007

"The Last Guy in the World to See Star Wars"

Here's a fun commentary piece just published on the Wired website: nearly thirty years to the day after Star Wars was first released, this guy finally saw it. He points out up front that he didn't go into the viewing totally clueless. It's impossible to have lived in our society for the past three decades without being exposed (heavily!) to what he calls "the fallout from this pop-culture phenomenon." In the end, he's unimpressed--and rightly so. This is an entertaining film but by no means great art. George Lucas's ability to write decent dialogue is nonexistent and, amazingly, somehow manages to get even worse over the course of the rest of the series, culminating in the gut-wrenching (for anyone who saw the film) palaver of the courtship scene in episode 2. His final verdict? "I should have waited for the 50th anniversary." Heh.

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