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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Surely you jest, redux

Last year, I knit a two-pointed jester hat for my friend Maggie. (Her mom and I went to college together.) She lives pretty far away from me, and I rarely see her, so I had to guess the size. Fortunately, the result fit her pretty well. And--even more important when you're dealing with the capricious toddler set--she liked it!

Last year's hat was a late Christmas gift (sent in January), and a few months later I heard that Maggie had worn it so much that the pompoms had fallen off. So I decided to make her a new one--only this time I'd give it three corners. And I'd send it in plenty of time for Christmas.

Well, I mailed the hat out in early fall--well in advance of the holiday season. But it was a bit too large for wee Maggie's head, unfortunately. During the past couple of months, though, either her head grew a tiny bit or she's decided that snug-fitting hats are overrated. She even wore it to bed!


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